Zombie Moon: Full Rules

Minimum Player Age is 13

If you are younger, we WILL ban you if we validate it as such – this is to protect our players from internet predators and yes, they DO exist. There will be ZERO exceptions.

Do Not Abuse Free Support

Support is extremely expensive – we do not make people pay for it which means we have to be very careful it does not get overused and threaten to exhaust the game funds.
Decisions on support tickets are final.
Abuse of the support process will result in support privileges being revoked.

NO Advertising of other games or websites.

Be respectful that you’re part of our community while here – players are here to play THIS game not listen to you annoy them about others. If you want to talk about another game, go to their web site and do so – or set up your own. If we find you abusing the squad message, names, squad chat or private message system for “other game recruiting”, you can expect to lose your ability to communicate with other players.

Do NOT Exploit Bugs

Exploitation of any bugs or weaknesses in game software will not be tolerated. We will use our discretion as to what we feel is cheating and we will take immediate action against the accounts we feel are violating the rules. If you encounter an exploit file a support ticket immediately – do not publicly post it. If you try to exploit the system you will be banned.

If you try to file a fraudulent purchase, we will validate the origin point and ban you from our game network – we do not permit thieves to play our games and attempting to do so will ALWAYS fail. Really – our system WILL NOT permit a bypass and you WILL be banned.

No Cheaters

The use of macro programs, scripts, browser plug-ins or any type of software that allows for automation is strictly prohibited. We have systems in place that monitor all accounts for automation and we do not give second chances for macro abuse. Essentially anything that replaces a “click” or “touch” is considered a macro. If you try to get a machine or program to “play for” you – your account will be shut. We do not put up with cheaters.

No Selling of Accounts

You may not sell accounts nor in-game forms of virtual property for ‘real life funds’; we’re supplying a service – it’s not ‘property’. This distinction is necessary for a number of legal reasons which otherwise could jeopardize the running of the game.

ONE Account Per Player – Ever

If you “multi-account” expect that ALL of your accounts will be permanently banned – and if you try to create another, it will also be banned.

Fair Business Ethics

We try HARD to ethically and diligently ensure people have fun, are safe and (if they support us) get what they’ve paid for; so if you’ve got an issue – contact us and we’ll do our very best.

Under no circumstances does purchasing a package from our donator area make you immune to the rules and penalties listed above. We appreciate all of the donations and purchases; however, we wish to create a fair environment to play in and will take action where it is needed to ensure this. You will not be credited for any account upgrades which are lost due to a freeze or ban. If you initiate a dispute process via the merchant provider, your account(s) here will be banned. Reason: contact us and we will ALWAYS deal with you fairly. We have NEVER found an honest person directly bypassing that route and we will protect our community and ourselves from scammers, frauds and thieves.

Stay Legal

We do not let criminal activity occur within our game. If you commit defamation about us or another player you will lose the ability to communicate within game.

That also goes for trying to file fraudulent purchases – bad move, we’ll validate that it was in fact you trying to do so (since others can always try to “set someone up” – but we ALWAYS can tell, it will fail) and you’ll be banned. We will not let thieves play our game.

Teen-Rated Material

All material should be legitimate for Teens (those 13 and up) according to the descriptor guide at the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Note that TEEN rating allows for infrequent use of strong language and permits VERY INFREQUENT use of strong language.

We have a simple censor for this reason – but we will not monitor squad chats nor will we intervene in any complaints nor tickets there other than if criminal activity is reported by the squad members or leaders.

Respect Human Rights

No hate (racist, sexist, religious, referencing names of ‘hate groups’ like the Nazis, repeatedly messaging someone “F U”, etc. messages), no directly singling someone out or using real life names, no porn (including references to genitals or sex acts in description or name), no threats of physical, emotional or financial harm and no sexual harassment. That applies to logos, comments, forum posts, images – any and all content.

Ownership of Items Uploaded

As always, all unique material posted becomes the property of Snakehead Games. If you are uncomfortable with this, then please do not post it.

If you submit material created by others please ensure it does not violate Copyright – if you are not sure, DO NOT POST IT. It is up to the individual poster (that’s you) to ensure that all material is free of Copyright issues. This includes written content, images, videos, any another other form of material subject to Copyright and similar concepts. In other words, do not post material which breaks Copyright and your local statutes. We respect the law and the hard work of intellectual property creators – and if you want to be part of our game network you must as well.

We may on occasion send newsletters to your registered email address. You may unsubscribe from this by a link at the bottom of newsletters and/or update your in-game email to deactivate at any time.

Naming Rules

While you are free to name your Character or other in-game entities, there are certain, mostly obvious limits: a) Names are not allowed to be racist, discriminating, religious, political, sexual or in any way be deemed as advertising. In obvious cases we will ask the offending player to change their name (or if offline we may do it for them). In other, borderline cases, we’ll leave it unless a ticket is filed. b) Names can use mixed capital and normal letters however, this means you cannot use capital letters or numbers to try to “hide” insults/cussing/etc.

Overreacting, Leaving and Overplaying

This is a game. Please remember that when things don’t go your way – also remember it when things are great. We’re here to have fun – as a community. If you’re not having fun by all means you may leave. There is no contract keeping you here. We do NOT delete accounts however, although we may systematically retire them. Occasionally players leave the game as they feel they need to focus on real life. We support that. If you feel that you are playing excessively then consider cutting down or otherwise regulating your play.