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Day 59 - Thu 2010/12/23 - 20:18

Level: 36 - Gained 0 level(s) & ranked 403 in HoF
Safehouse: Brownstone (Spent: $0)
Agent Class: Powered Armour Specialist which earns: $1,650/hr
Money on Hand: $3,342,097 (Net Change: $126,255)
Stat R&D     HoF
Weapons: 1,625.35 +111.08 697
Defense: 1,605.74 +7.54 684
Speed: 1,144.22 +0.00 858
Total: 4,375.31 +118.62 765

Best: 12.75 improvements in Defense

Bought: +0
Earned: +0
Burned: -0
Used: -0
Total: 4,497

Notable Equipment

Found Today: None
Present Build: Nukebike Helmet - Mk 1 + Shrieker Armor + Neutron Rifle + Sonic Blast Shield + Glyph of the Spitting Viper


Found Today: None
On Hand: Adrenal Glyph, Banshee Glyph, Berserker Glyph, Chameleon Glyph, Dragon Glyph, Glyph of the Cat, Glyph of the Iron Fist, Glyph of the Shadow Warrior, Glyph of the Spitting Viper, Hephaestus Glyph, Hyperglyph, Regeneglyph, Red Eye, Second Sight, Titan Glyph

A busy day at work led to not much of note happening although I think that I have a new high in daily research...I'd have to look to be sure. It's close if it isn't a new high.

I will not be making updates for the next few days while I travel for the holidays. My next update will be an aggregate update for while I'm away from home.

I'll try to get on and do some research and bolt ops but I don't know how much I will actually be able to do.

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