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This page is meant to highlight useful legal GreaseMonkey Scripts that are available to extend your Spy Battle experience. Please do not post links to scripts that have been deemed inappropriate, or illegal, by the Admins.

Rules and notes on scripts

  • If any of these scripts are found to be banned, please remove the script from this page and any other wiki page. Scripts are "use at your own risk" in every sense.

Clarification of GM rules:

  • Scripts must not automate game actions. As in they must not do any action that requires a human decision to do (e.g. research, buying/selling, attacking, pickpocketing, anything like that)
  • They must not share data with other players. Sending data to another server (where it can be pooled automatically) is not permitted. There are also restrictions on sharing the data with other players even if you do it yourself.
  • NOTE: Also, any trading with someone else for, say, Stockmonkey data, falls under "pooling data" and is not allowed, according to Chord, meaning you have to gather all data yourself. "Using the scripts is ok - it's your data. In this case it's not your data - it's data pooling. You wouldn't be manually entering all that data - you'd copying and duplicating it, which we don't allow."

Combat Scripts

Spy Combat Stats (Mod)

Stores battle and spy information from the game Spy Battle to display on the Search page.

Spy Tracking

Tracks the last time you spied on somebody for display on the search page. Options available for tracking attacks, friends & enemies as well.

Spy XP Calculator

Displays the XP value for defeating a spy on their profile page.

Finance Scripts

SpyStockMonkey multi-browser compatible version

A variation on previous Stockmonkeys. This version should work in Chromium, Opera, Firefox, Seamonkey and Chrome. It no longer depends on JQuery. It uses cookies for storage if Greasemonkey's storage functions are unavailable. If it seems to keep forgetting its data, check your browser preferences or browser permissions regarding cookies.

Spy Battle Portfolio Ape

Changes the View/Sell stock page (portfolio.php) to display estimates of profit and amount already invested (instead of only a average price per stock). Every new amount is calculated from what is on the original page. As such, the new Investment amounts may be inaccurate due to rounding in the original Average Price.

Withdraw All

Adds a button to put everything from Bank in the Withdraw field. Further description, disclaimers and attachment:

Faction Scripts

Spy Battle Hide Remove

For those who get nervous when they receive the power to remove items from the Faction armoury or those who tend to click the wrong button. This script takes away all the [Remove] buttons in the armoury and adds a button to make the [Remove] buttons reappear.

Faction Action for SP/SB

Highlights Most recently active Faction Members.

Gambling Scripts

50/50 Tracker

Tracks your winnings, and losses, in the 50/50 gambling.

Inventory Scripts

Inventory Manager

Adds a [Lock] button next to the [Sell] [Market] etc buttons.

Inventory Manager lock disables use

Adds a [Lock] button next to the [Sell] [Market] etc buttons. [Lock] disables the [Use], [Sell] and [Market] links.

Inventory Shortcuts

Tracks the last time you spied on somebody for display on the search page. NOTE: This description is taken directly from the script and is inaccurate!

Item Market Value Helper

Remembers market value for each item and display it in the itemguide.

Scanner Helmet warning

Warn user that he/she/it is using a Scanner Helmet and might not want to attack wearing it.

Market Scripts

Item Market Filter Fixer

Fixes the item market so that it remembers filter settings after making a purchase.

Research Scripts

Research Monkey

Script provides research and energy recharge times, and minimum, maximum and average possible research results. Script works in Spy Battle, or Star Pirates, but requires a minor change to work in Spy Battle. Notes included in descriptions and notes.

Research Ranges

Shows your research Min and Max.

Research Tracker

You will see a 'Research Results' link in the research screen, just below the Forums link.

Roleplay Scripts

Statistical Scripts

Hall of Fame Tracker

It is a HoF tracker, basically all it does is associate hall of fame level and total stats data with profile ID

SPSB NPC Tracker

Track Wins and losses in the Disputed Territory and Combat Zone (based on Azander's NPC Tracker version 1.2.5). The same script should track the NPCs in SP too, but that has not been tested (no SP account).

SP/SB SBO/Debris Tracker

Tracks what you find when doing smoking bolt ops. One of Keyser Soze's scripts that not V modified. Not V fixed a few bugs but has been told the script still has problems in StarPirates. Qalypso has posted the download link there, probably in order to find someone there to fix it.

Spy Battle Time Online

Tracks time spent online in Spy Battle

Spy Battle Squishyness

Displays the Squishyness rating for a spy on their profile. Note that it's only as accurate as your spying.

User Interface Scripts

Bank Link Swapper

Swaps the links on Bank and Cargo making them more intuitive.

Default Search

Adds a Default Search item to the Left Menu Bar.

Experience Math

Experience Calculator and display.

Name Enhancer

Enhances your name in the top left corner of the game for people that share computers.

Remove Facebook Link

Removes the facebook link on the main page.

Spy Battle shoutbox mod

Adds smiley section to the shoutbox and disables the shoutbox buttons when a message is longer than 184 chars. When using special characters like " it also prevents messages from being cut off by changing the character counter.

SpyBattle War Countdown

Adds a counter that counts down until war has started. It has several options on how the countdown should behave and look.

"SB Agent Class" Helper / "SP Mining" Helper

This script shows you which jobs you qualify for.

Spy Battle Medals Mod

Puts all medals earned side-by-side, instead of listing how many times they were won.

Spy Battle Collapse Effects

Toggle between showing and hiding the Current Effects. Default state is hidden.

Spy Battle Search Results

Hides search options when there are search results.

SP/SB No Officer/UC Warning

Notifies you when you do not have an officer

Rename Convert and Sell

This script provides an alternative solution to Disable Convert to AWE. It renames the [Convert] and [Sell] buttons when selling Rare, Rare+, Very Rare or Very Rare+ items, to [Convert to AWEs] and [Sell for points].

Disable Convert to AWE

This script removes the [Convert] button when selling Rare, Rare+, Very Rare or Very Rare+ items.

Spybattle de-bolder

Changes the font from bold to normal in the large forum/archive/PM input fields. Subject fields (and probably others) are left untouched (and thus bold).

Spy Battle UC-less CZ warning

Turns the link to enter the Combat Zone orange and Covert Op blue, if the script thinks you don't have a Underworld Contact. SP/SB No Officer/UC Warning is a different implementation of the same idea (by a different author).

Coloured AWE

Makes "- AWE" stand out to avoid some disappointment.

SB Shoutbox mover

Moves the Shoutbox between the dropdown menus and the City/Safehouse box. Also makes the Textbox resizable.

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