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Who we are

We are a group of veteran and elite captains from all walks of life, formed into a tight-knit fighting unit, dedicated to winning wars wherever we go. We strike unannounced and leave just as fast. We are BHG, and you won't see us coming.

Why 'Battlegroup Mercury'?

What is behind this name? Some say it's a nickname we earned in battle: we show up quickly, are deadly even in small numbers, and are harder to track down and even harder to capture. Some say it's because we strike from our base on the inner planet Mercury, hidden even from the AI Council. What is the truth? That is for us to know, and you to find out...if you dare to join us.

Fleet Policies

We are a group of pirates. We share goals, but we do not have to share styles. As such, Command makes no recommendations or prohibitions against playstyles (onlining, raiding, etc.). We will make every effort to support our members against any aggression or retaliation they encounter; however, captains are advised that their own actions are at their own risk, and the fleet cannot guarantee safety from retribution.


We are an active war fleet, and we need active pirates. Inactivity of over 1 week without prior notice (for reasons such as vacation, etc.) will result in a kick/re-invite. Re-invites will remain active for a further one week, after that you need to request an invite. Command is not unforgiving, but we cannot afford to have a fleet full of inactives if we want to win the type of wars we plan to fight.


As a war fleet, we expect our captains to become stronger. Naturally, this means research. Command will periodically (every 2 weeks) conduct a review of the stats level and progress of all affiliated pirates. Those not making sufficient progress as deemed by Command will be given notice, and then upon a second inadequate result will be asked to consider transferring to our training fleet.


HP is Life, at least in wars. We want to level the fleet as much as possible, and this requires contributions from all pirates. We do not believe in “crunchy” and “squishy” as meaningful adjectives. Higher levels always mean higher research. To this end: attack, attack, attack (or deep belt, deep belt, deep belt, or foray, foray foray)! We want to see you gaining levels and advancing the fleet at all times.

Armory Donations

As a war fleet, we seek to have the most advanced research equipment and weapons that money can buy. Any and all donations to the fleet armory are appreciated. Once donated, equipment of lesser rarity may be liquidated to facilitate the purchase of higher-level gear.


Fleet taxes will remain at 10% excepting a dramatic unforeseen change. Donations to the fleet vault will be used to acquire labgear and VR-and-up equipment.

-Admiral Excalibur

Message Excalibur Richthofen for more information and a chance to join.



15x Class III Energy Technology (+3)

27x Class I Energy Technology (+1)


15x Cyberpositronic AI (+6)

24x Cyberlink AI (+1)


07/10/2196-Fleet created

07/20/2196-Joined Universe ladder

07/20/2196-Joined Upper Belt ladder

08/07/2196-Bronze medal on the Upper Belt ladder

08/15/2196-Silver medal on the Upper Belt ladder

09/06/2196-Gold medal on the Upper Belt ladder

??/??/????-Bronze medal on the Pluto and Charon ladder

??/??/????-Silver medal on the Universe ladder

??/??/????-Silver medal on the Pluto and Charon ladder


04/27/2197-Victory vs [M1N] Ministry of Mayh3m (Pluto & Charon ladder)

04/09/2197-Defeat vs [M1N] Ministry of Mayh3m (Pluto & Charon ladder)

04/06/2197-Victory vs [DPG] Devil's Playground (Universe ladder)

03/04/2197-Defeat vs [DEV] Dare Devils (Universe ladder)

02/20/2197-Victory vs [AVG] EVIL Avenger Fleet (Universe ladder)

01/28/2197-Victory vs [ST] Star Templars (Universe ladder)

01/18/2197-Victory vs [MA] Megalodon Assault (Upper Belt ladder)

01/02/2197-Victory vs [RSG] Rogue Souls Guild (Universe ladder)

12/16/2196-Victory vs [DPG] Devil's Playground (Universe ladder)

12/03/2196-Victory vs [BS2] Brave Saint Saturn (Universe ladder)

11/28/2196-Victory vs [DF] Discworld Fleet (Universe ladder)

11/20/2196-Victory vs [G] Gizmonic Institute (Universe ladder)

11/13/2196-Victory vs [KAS] Omniverse (Universe ladder)

11/08/2196-Victory vs [DEL] Delta Squad (Universe ladder)

11/04/2196-Victory vs [B] Browncoats (Universe ladder)

10/29/2196-Victory vs [*M*] Mandroxan Cartel (Universe ladder)

10/24/2196-Victory vs [TT] Tagon's Toughs (Universe ladder)

10/20/2196-Victory vs [DBC] Devil's Bootcamp (Universe ladder)

10/07/2196-Victory vs [INC] Evil Inc. (Universe ladder)

10/03/2196-Victory vs [N*G] Nova Guard (Universe ladder)

09/29/2196-Victory vs [ST1] Templar Reserve (Universe ladder)

09/16/2196-Victory vs [LG] Legostars (Universe ladder)

08/31/2196-Victory vs [OOX] Order of Xternals (Universe ladder)

08/25/2196-Victory vs [M3N] Minions of Chaos (Universe ladder)

08/19/2196-Victory vs [RV] Reavers (Universe ladder)

08/15/2196-Victory vs [G] Gizmonic Institute (Upper Belt ladder)

08/11/2196-Victory vs [CCP] Dragon Reaper (Universe ladder)

08/06/2196-Victory vs [BFS] Black Falcon Society (Upper Belt ladder)

07/30/2196-Victory vs [DUK] Duck Pond (Universe ladder)

07/27/2196-Victory vs [PEA] Phoenix Assault (Upper Belt ladder)

07/21/2196-Victory vs [TMF] The Metroid Factory (Universe ladder)

Fleet Members

~In Remembrance~

Fleet Page

Their fleet page can be located [here].

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