Gates of Camelot! One Year Old!

gatesofcamelotGates of Camelot is now ONE YEAR OLD! Several changes have been added to the game to help celebrate.

Name Your Castle: all players can name their Castle via the Settings link. The Castle name is displayed to you and to others while the Castle owner has Honoured status. Remember, you can visit anyone’s castle by clicking the “Property : Castle” link on their profile.

Invasion Medals: new medals can be earned for recognizing total defenses of the realm. These are awarded while an invasion is underway and are checked from “lowest” to “highest”. A number of players are likely to see successive awarding of medals while participating in the next Invasion!

Registration and Login: a fresh, inviting look for the registration and login page has been applied.

Google+ Easy Registration: it’s never been easier to join Gates of Camelot – you can one-click register if you have an existing Google+ account. In the future, we plan to allow existing players to link their current account to Google+ (or later, Facebook) for easy connection.

Restricted Search – Fae Sword: a new unique sword can be found! This is an enchanted broadsword (see the updated Item Guide) – the finder will be able to give it a name. We will permit the finder to put in a ticket for item combining using “normal” broadswords to upgrade it as if it were itself a broadsword OR you may also substitute at a 2:1 ratio other VR items in lieu of a single broadsword for this purpose.

Castle Grounds Expansion

Gates of Camelot is nearing the 2,000 player mark.  To celebrate, a very cool game upgrade is ready to go.

Players with Castles will be able to invest their accumulated silver into castle upgrades each of which imparts a specific new power, either continually active or usable daily.  Each upgrade level either increases the power or the frequency of use (increasing the number of times per day that the upgrade can be used).  Less talk, more show:

Star Crash: Tales of Dystopian Spies and Star Pirates



Available now in print and e-book!



The long awaited anthology is finally available! In digital download or Pocketbook paper back!

Set in the cyber-punk worlds of Snakehead Game’s Spybattle 2165, Star Pirates and Zombie Moon, Star Crash is an exploration of human nature in a world without illness or injury. 

Featuring 11 short stories, this Anthology is a testament to the community that Snakehead Games has created in their games. Each one of these stories was submitted by the community, and selected from dozens of applicants. 
The Earth is uninhabitable – A result of a catastrophic accident known as the Star Crash. StarPorts throughout the system have become the life stations of what remains of humanity. The StarPorts and asteroids are humanity’s only home – and these have become a war ground, where the odds of survival are grim. Without the Regenabots, machines which heal all injury, and cure all disease, humanity would already be extinguished. Gangs of Star Pirates rule the stars – fighting each other, looting old space hulks and mining resources wherever they can be found for trade to improve their star vessels and ensure their survival. 
Star Crash is an anthology of incredible depth. Drawing on over six years of collective storytelling and narrative, it combines the stories of 11 different authors and a setting created by thousands. 
It also features the Short Story: Below the Crimson Ice, a glimpse into the history and narrative of Snakehead Game’s Latest Mobile Release, Zombie Moon: Marines vs. Zombies. 

Want your own copy? Here are all the links you could possibly need!


Paper Back:



Supercrawl and Super Followers

It’s Supercrawl in our Hometown this weekend. What’s that you ask? . A huge street festival with art, great bands and more.  We’re in it, so get your picture taken with a Knight of Camelot, and Isis of Zombie Moon. We’re right outside Mulberry Cafe.

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Gates of Camelot News

Levels Past 1000 Defined: For the beta we had settled on 1000 as being the max level to start with and to assess as the game matured. Those were defined and today we have updated the level progressions after 1000. The FAQ entry describing experience amounts for each level has been updated to reflect this. The experience needed to achieve the next level will now increase steadily by 20,000 for each level past 1000. Have fun achieving new heights!

Honoured Expiry Warning: the Honoured days display will change colour and display an event flag if it drops to 1 or 2 days remaining as a courtesy reminder to players (by request).

Refill Duels: you will find new utility links for using Consumables to refill Duels within the Duels drop-down.

Black Pudding and Blood Pudding
: these now restore supplies. Black Pudding restores 1 Supplies when consumed, Blood Pudding restores 5 Supplies when consumed.

Hospital Alert: when in hospital, the game will now prompt you to use available consumables to lessen the hospital time. This is intended to help players (learn to) use consumables for managing their time as players were commenting on being online attacked and/or unable to play yet on inspection, were seen to have hundreds of unused consumables available in Inventory.

Smart Search: We have modified the search to automatically run a simple search for attackable targets of player level or less in the current city if players are looking for attackable targets but their search does not find anyone – there’s some “smarts” involved to only do so if certain criteria are met (i.e. not looking for a named player, alias, certain Clan, etc.)