Spy Battle: 2165

In 2142, We made the Regenabots. They made us immortal. Disease and age are a thing of the past.
Now the year is 2165. Icebergs have melted, waters have risen, the planet is all but tapped out.
Too many humans, and not nearly enough to go around.

Conventional war is a waste of time and resources we don’t have. So the struggle has moved to the shadows.
Raid, sabotage and spy on your rivals for the critical advantage that will keep you and your agency ahead of the game.

…then get your friends, just to be on the safe side~

Join the Spy Battle!

The Great Game

Spy Battle: 2165 is a browser-based MMO with no downloads or plug-ins needed. That means you can play it just about anytime and anywhere – whether you’re taking a ten minute break in the combat zone and touching base in the Shoutbox, or you’re whiling away the hours penning lengthy RP posts in the forums and keeping tabs on your friends and enemies.

Once you get started, your rookie cyberspy will be posted to London for a crash course in shooting, stabbing, spying and otherwise making a name for yourself as a feared future operative!

Flair, Panache, And A Fistful Of Lasers

Spies love gadgets. And cool weapons. And the future has PLENTY of both. Steal, find, buy and trade for the most stylish arms and armour and tricked-out accessories.

And your spy’s own Weapons, Defense and Speed isn’t left out in the cold either. Research and training will turn you into the ultimate cyberpunk superspy. The greater the challenge, the greater the rewards!

As for buying and trading, in-game money can be gotten many ways. Covert Ops and raids in the combat zones, hitting the resources of your “fellow” spies, careful management of in-game stocks, hazard pay from various assignments as you delve deeper into the cyberpunk dystopia of 2165…win (and lose) big at the in-game casinos!

Thick As Spies

You’re not alone, either. And we’re not just talking about the bevy of Underground Contacts at your beck and call…

Find and join a faction, a group of players with similar interests and style. Or be adventurous and start your very own! Your cadre of allied operatives will rule the shadows by your side…and if somebody tries to muscle in on your turf, then go to war and put them in their place in rousing faction wars!

You’ll join Spy Battle: 2165 for the awesome adventure, but you’ll stay for the social side! With private messaging, forums and a real-time “Shoutbox” for chatting, you’ll never lack for opportunities to connect. Even as you plunder your friends and foes for all their worth, raise a Martini or two with them – it’s all part of the spy game, after all~

Special Agent: You!

Spy Battle: 2165 is a free-to-play game, but for those who chip in to support us, there are the benefit of being a Special Agent. Alternatively, you can buy points and Secret Dossiers to speed up your research and recovery, increase your stats, search more thoroughly, and even hack the omnipresent AIs to be on your side!

Still not convinced?

It’s FREE! Give it a try!