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Zombie Moon

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Snakehead games is proud to announce its newest Social Media RPG: .In the Year 2199, a secret research base on the Jovian moon of Callisto has gone silent. All probes and attempts to establish contact has failed, so the AI council is sending in: Mercenaries.Sign up now and Battle your way through the enigmatic Boreas station, against wave after wave of high-tech, supernatural horrors.It’s time to lock and load.


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Snakehead Games is Proud to announce their latest match 3 game: JSL2 Jewels Star Saga!96 levels of fun! Match 3 or more jewels to unleash the lightning! Unlock treasure chests to find powerful boosters to use in later levels.50 achievements, 6 game modes, clever puzzles and multiple match patterns (3,4,5, the “L” and “T”) mean the fun never stops in Jewels Star Saga – JSL 2. Jewels and Gems!Switch and match 3 or more jewels to unleash the lightning, rescue the rings and unlock treasure chests containing 5 powerful boosters!38 achievements, multiple match patterns (3,4,5, the “L” and “T”) in Classic, Puzzle and Speed Puzzle modes mean the fun never stops in Jewels & Gems! Challenge your friends on the leader boards! Queen Bee loves words – the bigger the better! The bees have collected the letters but now the words are all mixed up!  Use letters, wildcards and power-ups to unscramble and spell as many words as you can in 2 minutes. Compete with your friends on the leader boards and unlock all the achievements! Grow and extend words for chain combos and time extensions! There are also bonus mystery boxes containing score boosts or power ups earned by making 5, 6 and 7 letter words!
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Don’t let the trash build up – recycle! At first, it’s easy to sort the recycling from the trash but, mistakes can be costly! Simple to learn, fun to play. A non-violent quick game for adults and kids alike – learning a valuable lesson has never been so enjoyable! Play the game that’s being called “the most fun I’ve ever had with a bunch of ants!”Wow, thanks for making this game — I love it! What creative minds you all must possess. Its fun and challenging at the same time. I love Annie the Ant, she’s very charming! Thanks again — keep those brilliant computer minds working!”- Amy from Pennsylvania

StarCrash Universe

We have three casual browser-based MMOs, playable right now with no download and no plugins required.

Star Pirates is set following the cataclysm that renders Earth uninhabitable, where asteroid miners turn to piracy and join warring fleets, exploring, trading and fighting for survival! Spy Battle: 2165, set before the eponymous StarCrash, is a dystopian cyberpunk world where nanotech immortality and a resource crunch drive war into the shadows – and the hands of freelance spies. Spies like YOU!