Star Pirates

The Starcrash

The Starcrash. A global disaster that destroyed our homeworld. Earth is lost forever.

The AI Council tries to hold the colonists, astronauts and miners that are all that remains of humanity together.
Even with nanotech immortality, the cost is tremendous. Resources are scarce and the AIs are ALWAYS watching.

But some of us won’t be kept in line. We chart the vast expanses of the Sol system. We trade, haggle and steal for what we need – and what we want.
We fight for our freedom, for our honour, for whatever reason we wish, for what remains of our humanity. Alone, as fleets or in mighty armadas, we FIGHT.

We are the Free Captains.
We are the STAR PIRATES.

Playing The Game

“We love you…you gave us a home away from home and a larger family…and things to blow up when stressed!”
– Lahi

Star Pirates is a browser-based MMO with no downloads or plug-ins needed. That means you can play it just about anytime and anywhere – whether you’re taking a ten minute break at work to raid the asteroid belt and chat in the Shoutbox, or you while away the hours penning lengthy RP posts in the forums and keeping an eye on the in-game stock exchange.

Once you get started, your spanking new ship will dock at Mars Station, and a simple tutorial will show you how to gain experience, plunder cargo, beef up your armaments and make a name for yourself as a feared Star Pirate!

Zap Zap Kaboom

What’s a Star Pirate without their ship? Start in a humble sloop and end up in a devastating Dreadnaught. Find, buy, sell and trade armour and shield systems, lasers and plasma cannons, signal scramblers and AI links and more.

Research technologies to increase the power of your Weapons, Shields and Engines. The more you train and experiment, the stronger you’ll get. The stronger the foes you can defeat, the greater the rewards!

As if that wasn’t enough, you can even recruit specialist officers and train them to dizzying heights of skill!

Strength In Numbers

Space is huge, but it doesn’t need to be lonely. Find and join a fleet of pirates with similar interests, or be adventurous and start your own! With a band of elite cutthroat captains at your side, who could stand against you? And if anyone tries, go to war and show them who’s boss in epic fleet wars!

Take The Chance

“Neither the community interaction, nor the workings of the game itself has suffered from bad ideas or workmanship. Kudos to all of the staff at Snakehead games for that.”
– 1stMate

Cargo, the money of Star Pirates, can be gotten many ways. Salvage forays and raids on the asteroid belts, raiding the coffers of your fellow pirates, careful management of in-game stocks, prizes from commissions as you explore the Sol system…

…or why not hit up the in-game casino? Relax and enjoy slot machines, 50/50 games of chance and more!

Community Feeling

You’ll join Star Pirates for the awesome adventure, but you’ll stay for the social side! With private messaging, forums and a real-time “Shoutbox” for chatting, you’ll never lack for opportunities to connect with your fellow pirates. Bask in the warm glow of friendship even as you raid and explode your fellow pirates – it’s all in good fun, after all~

Notoriety Pays

Star Pirates is a free-to-play game, but for those who chip in to support us, there are the benefit of being a Notorious player. Alternatively, you can buy points and AI Cycles to speed up your research and repairs, increase your stats, search more thoroughly and even briefly cloak yourself from your enemies!

“I must say this is fun. :)”
– Alys Vorpatil

What are you waiting for?
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