Zombie Moon Updates

  There’s a lot in the pipeline for Zombie Moon.  Amazon and Apple users – version 3.0.39 is awaiting review by Amazon and Apple which brings SQUAD CHAT back, and makes Zombie Moon available to Blackberry 10 players! The promised refresh of the look and feel of the game is underway.  The video refill option […]

Movin’ On Up

Well, we’re happy to announce that we’ve found a new home. Just a short hop away from our current location, our new office used to be a karaoke bar. That’s why it’s so fun and colourful looking.     The walls use a nice variety of colour and the current tenant seems to be busy […]

Zombie Moon Updates

Previously we rebalanced point drops and added silver, gold and platinum drops however the promised examination for point use for energy and supplies have remained an outstanding task.  We’re applying a change to point refill costs for supplies and energy where it is 20% more efficient.  We try very hard to ensure such changes are […]

This Place Ain’t Big Enough for the 10 of Us!

Over the past few months, SHG has been working hard to bring you new games and add improvements to our existing ones. This has meant adding a few more people into the mix to bring their various talents to our disposal. A by-product of this has been a tighter working space. Our current office comfortably […]

ZM “Armed” Teaser

The ZM Updated “Armed” is coming 2nd half of Jan ’15.  You should see 3 things of interest.  2 very similar.                     New features necessitate the removal of surplus icons. Any more features and we’ll need a UI update too!

The Quickening

Quickening is a process whereby things speed up, or life begins.  In our genres, The Quickening is slightly different. The Quickening — Beheading one of the ever living produces a powerful energy release from their body called a “Quickening.” SHG is enjoying a Quickening.  The retirement of the 256 accounts has unleashed a powerful energy […]

Visiting Xenephon!

Some people go south to winter.  I personally think that’s a wise choice.  Some folks choose to shiver their way through the yearly expansion of the Canadian Tundra.  Others escape WAY far south and go to a summer. Only the hardiest, craziest sort of human would go from Australian Summer to Canadian Winter — for […]

Christmas Truce

100 years ago, World War I was raging.  The soldiers who had signed up thought they’d be home for Christmas. Not true, in fact it raged on for many more years. But at the time they didn’t know that.  Along the lines though, in many places, on Christmas of 1914 the soldiers on both sides […]
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