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Auto Ally option in ZM 3.0

Zombie Moon 3.0 is nearing completion and we are targeting next week for submission to the three app stores.  That’s pretty exciting!  One enhancement players may find handy is an option to auto-accept ally requests (toggled in the SETTINGS area).  By default, this is OFF for existing players but will start as ON (auto-accept) for […]

On Breaks & Working

AAB / Colin here, I just read an article about work breaks, and naps.  In it some dashing science was thrown around! Six months into the nap programme, the once-efficient team was reaching only 55% of its weekly goals, down some 30 percentage points from before the sleep experiment, Oh no! Proof that breaks don’t work. […]

ZM 3.0 Progress Update

Items in Zombie Moon 3.0 are shown in three dimensions.  Yep – all of them have full 3-D renders and are beautifully illustrated!  This means we can show all sides of the item when someone selects the detail view – and you can now [DONATE] or [SELL] the items directly from the details view. A […]

ZM 3.0 : Attack Screen

As you’ve already seen, the new attack search is significantly improved with Zombie Moon 3.0. Combat results are now displayed within the attack list (in the Zombie Moon 2.x and earlier, the results showed in a popup screen). Here’s a screenshot of the new functionality! While you cannot see it in a still image, the […]

ZM 3.0 Update – Ally Search

Screenshot of the new ally search.  Had a handful of new bits to show off but selected this one — allies are oh so important.  Note the new “FIND” tab for players – this automatically locates active players you probably want to offer an INVITE to and gives at-a-glance evaluation information (number of open ally […]

Spybattle Comic and Spybattle Streaming Music

We have many amazing creatives in our community.  And two projects that have been in the works for a long time are both going live today. They are pretty different, but both cool. Both SpyBattle focused, but relevant to most: SpyBattle Comics This is created by some players in SpyBattle – Princess Kitten, Kid Latrans, […]

Quotely Quotes about SHG

Howdy All, We realised that we got a tonne of reviewes from players – and we don’t share them! Vast majority are really positive, some are questions, and yeah, the occasional troll stretching their legs, but in general the amount of joy they are talking about…that makes for a good start of a long weekend. So […]
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