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SHG, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, Condolences and Community

Snakehead Games overlooks Hamilton’s Armoury, home to Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders amongst others. We’ve had great interactions with the armoury, and they’ve even helped us with our newest game. It is with great regret that we hear the news that an Argyll Reservist, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, was killed while on duty at National War Memorial, near Parliament […]

Zombies – Zombie Companies, that is…

As you know, SHG started a documentary series in early 2014.  It was to help new gaming firms get their feet on the ground. That was in response to questions we get again and again from the local ecosystem. We only got partway as we had so many other priorities. And also we hired on […]

ZM Custom Search

Now that 3.x is live on all our supported platforms (including Blackberry via the Amazon store), we’re able to again resume further game enhancements.  Some of those new elements we’ve been designing for a while are are now approaching a release point. For example, the existing notification system which uses a third party service just […]

ZM 3.0.22 Submitted to Apple

It has been a really tough run but we’ve hurdled all the barriers and are pleased to announce that ZM 3.0.22 is now awaiting review on Apple’s App Store. It’s not the end of updates – oh no!  For one, some of the optimizations on build size caused serious problems with the libraries necessary to […]

New Facebook Page, Sort of! 

  Howdy! Here at Snakehead games, we pride ourselves as community builders, and we can admit when we have been overzealous. We love building communities so much that we’ve built way too many. On Facebook alone, we have a page for Zombie Moon, a page for Spy Battle, Star Pirates, Jewels & Gems, etc. While […]

Zombie Moon 3.0 Live!

Zombie Moon 3.0 is going live. Finally! It’s been a big effort and we’ll be carefully watching and offering support for the inevitable small issues that will surface on specific environments. Over the next 24 hours ZM 3.0 will become available as an upgrade / install for all players using Google Play.  We’re already working […]

ZM 3.0 Update: S4 Blocked

ZM 3.0 work continues.  We are in active Beta at this time.  There have been a lot of 3rd party blocks, for example having Apple’s development system offline for the past couple of days didn’t exactly help things along.  However, hurray – they are back online and we can continue our work there. Support for […]

Toaster Hunt

Pirates! There be a treasure, rare and mythical, that ranks among the greatest in the Galaxy. Few echo its words, and those that do speak with reverence and hushed tones. Be warned, this treasure has made it’s way to our corner of the galactic community. It is, none other than… Space Toast. (<—shocked face) What […]
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